Hello there and welcome to my shop! My name is Renata and I am the shop owner and creator for Sponn Design! Here at Sponn Design we are passionate about making beautiful and functional lamp designs. All of our lamps are hand crafted, using natural wood veneer. In that respect, each and every lamp that comes from us is beautifully unique and perfect for your home, office, or business. We work to create light by combining a modern flare and a passion for nature. Our veneer lamps exude simplicity and elegance! The light from inside the lamp showcases the charm of the veneer producing a very special effect that is warmly illuminating and calming.

Sponn Design is located in Warsaw, Poland. Production currently takes place in our small backyard workshop. Initially, these lamps were made as gifts for my family and friends! As word of the lamps and desire for them spread, I founded Sponn Design here, now making my creations available to you!

I am inspired by the hidden beauty of wood and the ability to showcase its intricacy by creating a connection between the wood and light. Overexposed by light, the thin veneer looks completely different. The illumination allows you to discover and showcase the inside of the wood, stimulating the imagination and bringing you closer to nature through the process.

My lamps showcase the natural color and texture of the wood. Each shade is unique, made from a different section of a tree trunk. We carefully select materials specifically for your custom lamp! Most of our wood comes from at least several dozen-year-old trees! (Currently, we offer lamps made from nearly 100 year old chestnut). The main criteria for the veneer selection are the beauty of the grain and the translucency of the wood.
We are excited to announce that starting next week all lamp bases will also be handmade in our workshop! Sponn Design's veneer lamps are available in floor, pendant and table models.

Feel free to message me with any questions you may have!
Also, please feel free to contact me regarding any custom or bulk orders!


Sponn Design

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